About Us

Our Mission Together

Without the right knowledge and understanding of how betting agencies work it’s extremely difficult to win. Most people don’t even consider the crazy numbers that are stacked against them. Realistically, most people are just giving their money away.

Our goal is to share what we do and help others make money too. 

Who Are We

We are a group of people who have been involved in the gaming industry for over 10 years. Understanding the games, the rules, the odds, the statistics, the mathematical formulas and the probabilities is what we are all about. We thrive on working out ways of gaining the upper hand and beating these betting agencies.

Can We Meet In Person

Of course, and we encourage it. However, depending where you are located and where we are could be an issue. In some circumstances (usually when a client wants to supply larger amounts – $50,000 or more) we can organise to travel directly to you.

Our Location

We are based in Australia but we travel a lot. There are many betting corporations in Australia and we have tested many of them out. We also travel internationally and have been to many other places around the world.