Making Money Together

Using our knowledge and methodologies to place our best possible theoretical bets for YOU.

Gaining An Edge

We use our knowledge and experience to place the best possible theoretically bets for you to gain significant increases in your chances of winning. With many years of experience we know the best games and the rules associated with them. 
But it’s not just simply understanding the games that can help us get an edge on things…

We understand the rules and odds of each game!

We create, adapt and implement specific methods and strategies!

We identify possible pattern recognition!

We understand which games have the best percentages of winning and which games should be totally avoided!

We understand conservatism - Put simply, it can be better to take some winnings than to get greedy and lose everything!

How we are making money

How Much Could We Make You

This is what making money gets you
As a general rule, and on a more conservative level, we try to aim for 20% of initial capital provided.
This lowers the risk of trying to win too much and reduces any loses that we may need to try and win back if we are losing. 
This doesn’t mean that if we have a good run we won’t try to make more money which could be upwards of 5 times your initial capital or more. Those days are very rare, but they still can occur.
It all depends on the day, the week, the luck, our strategies, the amount provided etc. 
But generally, we try to stick around +20% wins.

Reversing The Odds

It’s a known fact that betting agencies have the upper hand when it comes to betting. The chances of you winning are not in your favour! There can be losing percentages of anything between 51% or more than 76%. Put simply, you have a higher chance of losing than winning.
However, there are ways of increasing the probabilities of winning! If you know how…

Why Use Us

Unless you know ALL the information associated with betting, your chances of winning are at a disadvantage!
We understand and know how betting organisations operate and the percentages of winning. Knowing which games to avoid and which games have the best chances of winning money also gives us a better edge.
We have specific methods and strategies to increase our chances of winning as well as identifying  and recognising particular patterns within specific games.

How Long Do We Take

Anywhere between a day to a week. We search and wait until we identify a suitable formulations, then put our methodologies into play. It also depends where we are traveling. In some smaller place it can take days before we find something we think is good enough. 
With gambling, patience is a virtue! 
How long does it take to make money?

Do We Always Win

Unfortunately not. Sometimes we get burnt too which means you also lose the capital you were willing to risk.

But, on average we usually win 13 times more than we lose.

Our winning is mostly portrayed due to our unique strategies, specific methodologies, strokes of good luck and our self-control.
We also believe good luck comes in cycles and we try to use that to our advantage as well.

Can We Watch While You Bet

Unfortunately we don’t allow you to be around while we place any bets for you.

The reason for this is that people can get very emotional during the period of betting and that can lead to detrimental outcomes, emotionally or financially.

For example, if we are winning and we then suggest to stop because we have had very good luck, the client may get greedy and want to keep betting. But good luck can’t last forever right?

It’s our way of ensuring a safer outcome.